Found a dead mouse at my front door this morning. A gift from one of the local cats.

Trying out one of the ChatGTP iOS apps. It seems like the easiest way to try it without opening an account. I wont be continuing with a subscription because it’s way too expensive but I’m having fun asking for things like “write me a thank you email in the style of Groucho Marx” while the trial lasts.

🖋 I bought these two Pilot Elite fountain pens from a seller on eBay. They’re both described as “vintage” but I’m not sure what that really means in this case. The nib of the silver capped pen says it was made in 1975. Both have gold nibs and write perfectly. I love them.

Two Pilot Elite fountain pens, uncapped. One black with gold trim. The other has a black barrel and silver/black cap.

🎵 Farewell, Tina Turner. A true rock’n roll legend. Tina Turner: legendary rock’n’roll singer dies aged 83

Currently reading: One-Sentence Journal by Chris La Tray 📚

I searched for Mastodon apps on the iOS app store and an advert for “Truth Social” appeared at the top of the results. Good grief. Way to go, Apple.

I was listening to a film podcast and the hosts thought it pretty funny that someone would call a film a “picture” these days.

That’s still pretty common in Scotland.

People talk about “going to the pictures” or will ask “what picture did you see?”. I still say it myself.

I’m glad it’s still here.

Logged on to Twitter for the first time in ages today. Pretty much everyone I follow is still there doing their thing. I think talk of its imminent demise is premature or the product of wishful thinking by some.

I couldn’t see one blue tick in my timeline which was a relief.

My mum passed away recently after a short illness. Less than a year after my dad. I’ve spent the last three weeks in a bit of a daze, doing nothing, as neither passing has really sunk in yet. They both lived to a good age, a small comfort, but you should never take your parents for granted.

I’m testing the new Post/Update to Drafts action.

I’m not a big Nick Cave fan but this New Yorker interview really resonated with me. Nick Cave on the Fragility of Life

I watched The Ipcress File for the umpteenth time. I can watch it again and again despite knowing all the twists and turns of the plot. It’s also my favourite Michael Caine film. 🎥

It’s that time of the year when foxes start making their nocturnal noise. I woke up in the middle of the night to what sounded like someone getting murdered at the back of the house. It’s a horrible racket.

😳 Hello insomnia, my old friend.

Happy with my new desk.

New white desk with iMac computer and speaker setup.

Wearing my badge for WFMU Fundraising Marathon fortnight. Increased my monthly contribution this year because I love this station.

Metal WFMU badge featuring a cartoon cat biting a record.

I’m always late to things and so I just finished watching the first season of Reservation Dogs. It’s publicised as a comedy but the last few episodes are hugely affecting. It’s one of the best things I’ve watched in a while. Thoroughly recommended if you haven’t seen it yet. 📺

Clear blue sky and bitter cold today. There’s been a trend, here, over the last ten years or so for the worst of winter to come in March. Snow is forecast for tomorrow.

I’m getting a new desk. The choice was between a nice, solid, Ikea desk with drawers or one with built-in usb chargers and legs that could be raised up or down depending on whether you wanted to sit or stand.

I chose the one that didn’t require a plug.

When you’re young ten years feels like an eternity. When you’re older it goes by in a flash.